I'm Fabian

Aspiring Developer

I'm a new developer that is about one year into my journey as a full stack engineer. I enjoy working on the front end as well as the back end. This page is in construction and I will soon showcase my resumé, github projects and many other things here.


About Me

Short Biography

I was born in a small city in Sweden 1997-11-02 and took an early interest for computers. (Around the 2 year old mark). Ever since I've always kept one close. What first started as a gaming hobby later turned into a desire to dig deeper. 'How does everything work?', 'How does my computer know how to do this?', 'What are the 1's and 0's people refer to?'. Today I've been coding non stop since around april 2022. Since then I've coded in Python, C, C++, & JS. (html, css) I've created some minor projects that exists on my github-page, but I've mostly created software tools that where usable at my current workplace. Although I believe I've grown alot during this short period, I still know there's much more to learn within this field. That excites me. I want to learn everything there is to learn.


Reach Out To Me

Email: fabbe142@gmail.com
Phone: +46 73 352 48 80